Contactless Check In

More convenient and efficient

With our contactless CHECK-IN feature, we’ve made the previsit process more convenient and safe for our patients. You may now check-in for your appointment on your smartphone or computer in advance of your appointment. This feature is optional to our patients. We are happy to conduct our check-in process with you in the traditional manner as well.

See how Healow CHECK-IN works

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Please follow the steps below to participate in our contactless check-in option:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Contactless Check In Step 1 Contactless Check In Step 2 Contactless Check In Step 3
Two days before your appointment, a text reminder will be sent to your phone and patient portal. By clicking the reminder link, you will be able to confirm your appointment and begin the pre-visit process. During the pre-visit check-in, you can review your patient information and make necessary updates, confirm your insurance information, sign consent forms, and more. The updates you make will be sent to our receptionist to incorporate into your record. The day of your appointment, you will receive another text. Once you have arrived for your appointment from the comfort of your vehicle, you may click ‘I have arrived’ to let our team know you are ready to be seen. Our team will be able to communicate to you the next steps by a phone call or text message. This allows you to wait safely in your vehicle until we are ready to escort you to the exam room.

Please contact your practice if you have any questions or concerns about contactless CHECK-IN and we will be happy to assist you.

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