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Greetings Provider!

The Marketing Department is thrilled to have you as an addition to our team of providers! We are looking forward to introducing you to the community you'll be working with. We will be offering support with marketing and communication and helping to showcase the great information and services you can provide to the community and your patients! But first, we will need a little bit of information & a photo from you!

Schedule Your Headshot!

When the public is looking for a potential doctor, they enjoy seeing photos of who could possibly be taking care of them. You wouldn't purchase a car without seeing it first, would you? Here in the Marketing Department, we have a nice photo studio to make sure your best side is captured! Please follow the link below to schedule your provider headshot. (Keep in mind, this is different from the photo that will be on your hospital ID).

Schedule now!

Below is a questionnaire that we will use to get started on the back end of building you a powerful and converting online Provider Profile.

Keep in mind, this does work:

  • 75% of people read a doctor's profile before scheduling an appointment, and 70% of them are under age 71.
  • The more information we have on you will help the local community find you quickly when looking for that information
  • We can control, produce and correct this information as opposed to third-party sites like or

Welcome to Sandusky!

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